Jul 19, 2012

Film Review: I Could Never Be Your Woman

Rosie Hanson (Michelle Pfeiffer) is head scriptwriter for a cheesy UPN / CW-styled African-American themed stereotypical comedic sitcom titled You Go, Girl. While looking to cast a nerdy male to make bullies see the error of their ways, Rosie falls in love with Adam Pearl (Paul Rudd). Mother Nature (Tracey Ullman) discourages the budding relationship believing the older and divorced Rosie to be too busy and too elderly to be dating a man a decade younger, but Rosie sure will try anyways.

This film was tremendously cast. Paul Rudd and Michelle Pfeiffer had great quirky chemistry together, Tracy Ullman and Jon Lovitz brought a great veteran comedic game, and Saoirse Ronan showed she has a wider spread of talents than just kicking butt in Hanna. You even get a fun cameo by Henry Winkler!

My Highlights:
Henry Winkler's cameo, office catfight, and (unfortunately?) most of the funny scenes in the trailer. Yeah, the trailer gives away most of the best parts, but oh well.

Overall Rating:
While the acting was top notch and the writing quirky and fun in a no-brainer, popcorn rom-com kind of way, this is a pretty unmemorable film. The directing/cinematography and writing left a lot to be desired, as it was very hit-and-miss. Amy Heckerling wrote and directed this film, and while she has a great resume including Fast Times at Ridgemont High, National Lampoon's European Vacation and Loser, Heckerling took a seven year break from the business between Loser and I Could Never Be Your Woman, and it really shows at times. One of the most glaring points of being rusty is one of the final scenes of the film where Rosie's daughter, Izzie (Saoirse Ronan) performs a small school concert, and the same three camera angles are used ad nauseum. Probably for the best that this film was a direct-to-DVD release, because my overall rating is...

3 / 5

I enjoyed it, I don't regret watching it, but it was kinda meh.

When You Should See It:
Definitely a date night movie, especially if the cast appeals to yourself or your partner, because it's the cast that makes it. Maybe it's at the top of your date night movie queue, maybe not, go with your gut.