Jul 3, 2012

Film Review: Lewis Black: In God We Rust

I don't think I have to explain to anyone who actor/author/comedian, Lewis Black is. You've heard his stand-up, you've seen him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Hopefully, your only impression isn't from seeing his short-lived Comedy Central TV show, Root of All Evil. September 11, 2012 (9/11?! COINCIDENCE!? ... Yeah, probably) will see his latest stand-up special, In God We Rust come out on DVD and Blu-Ray, but Netflix Instant Watch got a hold of it early and is currently making it available for your streaming pleasure.


Unfortunately, this time around Lewis Black seemed more burned out and thrown on stage unprepared than in his previous televised performances, and it brought the overall experience down. Many of his jokes (delivered anecdotal-style as always) aren't relatable unless you're over 50 years old. Black spends a very large amount of time in this special talking about how he doesn't understand facebook and cell phones, and his admittance/avoidance of modern day technology really drives away his younger audience.

The special wasn't a complete bomb, however. The audience was into it, albeit sometimes coming off charitably entertained rather than sincerely to stroke the comedian's confidence, but it made for a better viewing experience than crickets. Black did make some great intellectual points about The Tea (political) Party and valentines day, but what I'll really take with him is a hilarious joke about cell phones. I know i just condemned his disapproval of modern day technology, cell phones being a part of that, but the joke itself will stay with me for a long time. If it weren't so long and anecdotal, it's the kind of joke I would go around telling everyone.

Overall Rating...

2.75 / 5

Just skip this special, it's mostly the same kind of stuff you've heard before from him. If you really want to hear passionate flaming over political parties and the way society is headed, go watch Lewis Black on Broadway or Lewis Black: Red, White and Screwed.

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