Jul 25, 2012

Wreckateer Review

Wreckateer is available on the Xbox 360, requires a Kinect to play, and will cost you 800 Microsoft points ($10).

To a lot of people, the Kinect is a disappointment. There aren't a ton of great games for it and a lot of people get embarrassed flailing around playing it. That doesn't mean there can't come a nice Kinect game once in a while, and Wreckateer is that game.

In Wreckateer you're the new guy on the job. That job is to destroy buildings with the help of your two mentors, a ton of rocks, and a ballista. The more of your surroundings you destroy, the more points you'll achieve. You also can achieve more points by collecting these large shields placed around on most maps that will have a 5,000 or 10,000 point value.

To launch a rock you must stand infront of your Kinect to step in the loading zone. Once your rock is placed in the ballista you must step back and aim the rock. The more you step back, the more powerful the launch will be. When you're ready to launch the rock you fling your arms to the side. Now you're in control! Depending on the rock you have launched you'll have to do different tasks to use the rock the most effectively.

Rocks can range from being a normal rock that doesn't do anything special to a bomb that can grow wings and fly around. You can control the flying bomb by making an airplane stance (arms pointed outwards at your sides). There is also a speed bomb, a bomb that can jump multiple times, a bomb rock, and a rock that turns into four different rocks that you can stretch apart (my personal favorite).

You now know what Wreckateer is all about, and how to play it's 60 levels. This won't matter though if the Kinect controls don't work that well, as is the case with many Kinect games. I'm glad to say that Wreckateer worked great! I had a problem launching my rock maybe once or twice, but it was very rare. I'm really happy that this game was able to work so well with the Kinect.

I had a lot of fun with Wreckateer, but there are moments where you can get bored. This is a great simple game to pick up for an hour at a time. If you can get a friend you can take turns in the multiplayer mode. Sadly, I couldn't get anyone to play with me for this review, but I'm glad the option to do this is there.

Final Say: If you're one of the sad people out there that bought a Kinect and never uses it, then take a look at Wreckateer. I had a lot of fun playing it, and for only $10 it's a great deal. I hope more games learn to use the Kinect as well as Wreckateer did.

Wreckateer can be purchased from your computer here.

You can buy 800 Microsoft Points at Amazon.com