Aug 10, 2012

App Review: 10000000

10000000 is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It's universal, meaning once purchase, you own the game on each Apple device. 10000000 will cost you $1.99. For this review I mainly played on the iPad, but did play a little on the iPhone. 10000000 can be purchased here.

10000000 is a game that has you connecting different tiles to help you obtain freedom. The game is called 10000000 because that's the total score you have to reach to be able to leave the castle you're stuck in. To earn a score of that proportion you must fight, guard, collect, train, and upgrade your stats. If you look at the familiar layout in the picture at the top you can see there are a ton of similar puzzle games where you connect three of the same thing to earn points. What's different about 10000000 is at the top of the picture you can see a man at a chest. You're that man and depending on what you come across equates to what tiles you need to match on the bottom.

Coming to a chest will require you to match 3-5 key tiles. When you come across an enemy you'll need to match 3-5 sword or staff tiles to attack an enemy. You also need to pay attention to your shields because if you're at zero shields you'll be more vulnerable to enemy attacks. When an enemy attacks you, you get pushed backward. When you fall off the screen that round is over. The more shields you have the more resistance you'll have to be pushed back. There are also items you can get by doing combo tile combinations, like food that push you forward, master keys that automatically unlock a chest, weapons, and scrolls that will give you more tiles on the playing field of a certain kind.

There are three other tiles: Stone, wood, and chests. These are all used to upgrade your character. Chests give you gold to spend upgrades, while stone and wood open up different shops, and can be used to upgrade the shops as well. There's also a training room that requires experience points you get along your quest. This is where you can learn new powers, make upgrades cheaper, and other abilities to help you.

The controls to 10000000 felt great, and I never had a problem sliding around tiles. There's not much to control, but it still did well when I was trying to slide everything quickly. The look to the game was also something I really liked. The main character reminded me of Pitfall Harry, and I'm always a fan of retro looking graphics. The music was also fantastic.

I played 10000000 mostly on my iPad and loved it. I think my iPad spoiled me though because when I played it on my iPhone, I wasn't used to the tiles being smaller. The controls still worked pretty well on the iPhone, but I decided to finish the game on my iPad.

Final Say: I loved this game, and it became one of my favorite game apps. The game has great visuals, music, controls, and best of all - it was addictive! I couldn't put down my iPad until I finished. I beat 10000000 in four hours, which for a game that costs $1.99 is a great deal. You also unlock an endless mode once you beat it, which gives any type of replay value to anyone that wants more. This is a must-have game!

10000000 can be purchased here.