Aug 21, 2012

Flight! App Review

Flight! is a free app available on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. You can get Flight! for your device here, and play the flash version here.

Throw, sling, launch, and any other way you want to hurl an object. These types of games, where the goal is to get an object as far away as possible can get/can become very addictive. That's how the game Flight! was, when I started to play it.

The goal in Flight! is to throw a paper airplane as far as possible to bring it to different corners of the world. Each time you throw, that distance gets added to your total distance. When your total distance points reach a certain goal, you'll get a nice, simple cut scene. I loved these cut scenes, though I'm not really sure why. The outcome of this airplane traveling the world and how it interacts with people was very pleasing.

You off throw your paper airplane, which you do by sliding your finger across your screen. Once it's in the air, that's when the fun starts. After you get the upgrades, you can tilt your device to boost your airplane. The goal is to fly as far as possible while collecting as much money as possible. Sounds simple enough? Well it is, and that's what makes it so addictive!

Once you buy an upgrade you'll want to buy more and more. There are a ton of upgrades to choose from. Upgrades include being a new airplane model that gives you more fuel, or having more throwing power. Once you get farther in the game these upgrades will start getting expensive, and that's what makes you want to keep playing Flight!.

Final Say: The tilting worked perfectly, and I had a blast playing Flight! I recommend it to anyone with a device, or at least try the flash version. There's no cost to download, so everyone should just go ahead and get Flight! There's also plenty of replay value. Since I beat the game I've had an urge to come back to it, just to give it another go and try to beat my high score.

You can get Flight! for your device here, and play the flash version here.