Aug 29, 2012

Hybrid Review

Hybrid is available on the Xbox Live Arcade for $15.

I know I'm late with this review. Times got really busy, and then I was curious to see if Hybrid would be dead online in two weeks. You see, Hybrid is an online multiplayer third-person shooter that has you pick the side of "Variant", or "Paladin". After you pick your team, you have to defend and attack territory. This all happens on a world map, and how you do actually affects not only the two other guys you were playing with that round, it also affects every player that is playing as a Variant or Paladin. I thought this idea was really cool, and I'm liking the way Hybrid is turning out.

After waiting two weeks and playing at multiple times during the day, I never had problems finding a match, and I was really happy about this. What also made me very happy was how simple this game was. It's so simple in fact, that you don't have to walk around. There's walls set up throughout the levels, and you hit the A button to hover towards them. When you're at a wall you can duck for cover and look for some enemies. I really liked this because it eliminates the possibility of campers, and it took no time for me to find enemies to shoot down.

Hybrid has an interesting way to keep you motivated in getting kill streaks. If you get one kill you get a robot that follows you, and shoots enemies. When you get to a three kill streak you're rewarded with another robot. If you get five kills in a row you get this ninja-like robot that feels impossible to dodge. While this is a cool idea, I'm not the greatest at this game, and it made it even harder having to go after robots as well as enemies. I know this is only a complaint a noob would make, but I guess that makes me a noob.

The controls worked great for me. Finding a spot for me to hover to was never a hassle. I loved aiming and throwing grenades. Everything about the game was easy to control. Hybrid also looks really great on the Xbox Live Arcade. It being $15 is rare to see for such a good looking game.

Final Say: Hybrid is still alive, and I hope it stays alive for a lot longer. Sadly, I can't see people coming back for months. If you're reading this now and want a simple third-person shooter then check out Hybrid. If you're reading this a long time from when the review was written, then try and see if you can find information if the online multiplayer is still alive.