Aug 28, 2012

Rock Band Blitz Review


Hello this is Nick from playing Rock Band Blitz. It's available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 for $15.

Now, I love the Rock Band series. Yeah, I was one of the cool people that played on Expert! So I knew I had to get my hands on Rock Band Blitz. It's very similar to Rock Band, but offers a new experience to the series. In Blitz you control each instrument: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, and Keyboard (unless the song doesn't have a certain instrument in it). You switch between each instrument racking up points to bump that instrument higher in the multiplier. After a little bit, a checkpoint will come up and will bump up your multiplier to the instrument that is the lowest on the scale.

This is where you need to come up with a strategy. You'll get no where if you focus on one instrument but you won't fail. There's no failing in this game, only low scores. The only difficulty options you have is to play easier songs. I had no problem with this, and actually liked the leveled playing field.

Rock Band Blitz comes with 25 songs ranging from awesome, like Iron Maiden, to some meh ones like Moves Like Jagger. I understand that everyone has different music tastes, so the setlist does a pretty good job on covering all genres. Also, if you have Rock Band 3 you can play those songs in there too! HOW NICE OF THEM! Well they turned up the nice-knob to 11 because any song you have purchased for previous Rock Band games can be played in Blitz. That means you have a huge library of games you can play! Like some YYZ by Rush! *Sing beginning beat*

While you can use your plastic instruments, they work horrible with the game. This doesn't bother me because the controller works perfectly, but I figured it should be noted. I'm pretty sure Harmonix didn't even try to incorperate the instrument controllers. Don't even think about complaining about this, because the instrument controllers would never work!

Rock Band Blitz was a ton of fun to play, and there is a ton to talk about, like power ups you can collect that will alow things from 2X Multiplier, and setting off bombs. There's also a Score War mode for competing with friends online. There's no local multiplayer, which is the only thing that disappointed me about Blitz, but I can't complain too much since Rock Band Blitz did so many things right that I had could look passed it.

Final Say: GET THE GAME! If you love music, and the Rock Band series you'll love Blitz. Sure, it might not be as groundbreaking as the first Rock Band, but this was a great addition to the series. It sure beats another one of the Rock Band's that focus on one band like Toto, or REO Speedwagon. The look, the gameplay, the controls, and the music are all fantastic! $15 isn't asking for much, get it!