Aug 13, 2012

Symphony Review

Symphony is available on Steam for $9.99 and can be purchased here.

Remember games like Space Invaders and Galaga? You move around a ship and shoot enemies that fly around you. Symphony is just like that but better graphics, cool upgrades, and a better soundtrack. It's a better soundtrack because it's your soundtrack! While Symphony comes with music to play with, you can also play with any song in your music library as long as it's over a minute and thirty seconds.

Your music is being attacked by a mysterious demon that's trying to corrupt your music. It's your job to go into your music on your computer, defeat all the enemies, and try to take care of this mysterious demon. When you're playing, you're not only listening to your music while playing this game, you're also defeating enemies to the beat of your music. This means every song you play will change the difficulty level, and the amount of enemies you'll have to fight.

Every once in awhile you'll have a boss fight against this mysterious demon. If you're able to defeat this boss you'll get a section of Symphony sheet music. Once you beat enough bosses you'll keep unlocking sections of the sheet music until you have an entire page. Once you have an entire page you unlock a new difficulty. The difficulty to this game went from "Oh, this is easy!" to "This is pretty tough at points!" to "There's a lot on the screen, and I keep dying!". This is fine because like other music games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, no one is forcing you to play on the difficulties you don't want to play on.

Collecting sheet music isn't the only thing to collect. You can also obtain weapons from completing songs. You can then buy the new weapon using "Inspiration", and "Kudos points" that you earn from completing songs. Also, you can upgrade the weapons. My main problem with this was you could only upgrade the weapon if you went back to the song you unlocked it on. I have a ton of songs on my computer, and I couldn't find some of the songs I played earlier. I also wished there was a search bar that allows you to find the song you want quickly. You can only filter the music by artist and albums.

Controlling your ship and shooting is a breeze using the mouse. I didn't see any way to use the keyboard, or a controller, but I didn't have a problem using the mouse. I loved shooting down enemies while head banging to some great music. I also really liked the look of Symphony. It has a retro-futuristic feel to it, meaning that it reminds me of old arcade games, but stands up to today's graphic standards.

Final Say: Symphony isn't the perfect game, but it's still great! It could use an easier way to go back to previous tunes, and a search bar, though once you're shooting enemies to your own beat you'll be glad you got Symphony.

Symphony can be purchased here.