Aug 9, 2012

TV Review: Sherlock

Hey, my fellow Americans! Do you like your shows from across the pond like The IT Crowd, and Luther? While venturing out on Netflix Instant Watch for a new show to watch, Sherlock has stolen my heart. Sherlock takes place in modern day London in a universe absent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's contributions to literature.
The story starts off with injured army doctor-veteran, John Watson returning to his expensive hometown of London in need of a roommate. Given his handicap, Watson doesn't have his expectations high on who would want to room with him, so he's paired up with an eccentric, sociopathic, genius "consulting detective". It doesn't take long for Sherlock Holmes to rope John Watson into his crime solving or to discover that Holmes has an arch enemy wanting his head on a silver platter.

To those not familiar with British TV series, seasons are much shorter than their American counterparts. While American TV series' seasons may run from 15-25 episodes, the average British show runs for about six episodes per season. Sherlock on the other hand runs only three episodes per season, but to compensate, each of those episodes run about 90 minutes long. So when watching Sherlock, rather than get six 45 minute episodes (factoring in commercials), you get three back-to-back, full length, made-for-TV movies.

Having seen and enjoyed the Robert Downey Jr./Guy Ritchie vehicle, Sherlock Holmes, as well as being a fan of early seasons of House, the BBC production of Sherlock was right up my ally. Pip-pip! What ho, old bean, I say, that Holmes fellow sure gets himself into a lot of sticky wickets! But seriously, the characters are well-rounded, three-dimensional and fleshed out, the plots are engaging and well crafted, and the character relationships add a lot of realism to the over-the-top circumstances of the famed detective duo. Anyone who might scoff at the idea of Sherlock in the modern world due to memories of Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet has the wrong idea entirely. Texting plays a big part in this television series but comes off as a fun plot device that experts of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work have praised.

Everyone with a fair bit of time on their hands should check out Sherlock. Each episode is long, which hampers my overall opinion of the show and my eagerness to keep up-to-date with it, but having thoroughly enjoyed season 1 on Netflix, my overall score is...

4.5 / 5