Sep 9, 2012

Ace Attorney 5 Coming To America

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Sometimes I feel like I should be living in Japan. Well not anymore! Now that its been confirmed that Ace Attorney 5 is being released in America I don't have to pack my bags. Ace Attorney 5 will be released on the 3DS using 3D models. This is the first for the series since it's always had 2D graphics. As long as I can still yell "OBJECTION!" into the mic, I'll be ok! On a serious note. Did anyone actually yell "objection!" into the mic when playing?

That's not all the Ace Attorney news! While it's old news that the first three Ace Attorney games were coming to iOS. We now know that they will be coming out in the fall to all 5.0 iOS devices. I'm really excited to play these games with my iPad. I've been itching to play them again, but knew they were getting the HD treatment so I've been waiting patiently.

Want some more Ace Attorney stuff? Well it's not news related, but here is some Ace Attorney cosplay Capcom posted on their Twitter account.