Oct 24, 2012

App Review: Blueprint 3D + 2.0 Update

Blueprint 3D is available for the iPhone for $0.99, and iPad for $2.99. For this review I played Blueprint 3D on the iPad, and I will also talk about the new update that came out recently.

I feel like a treasure hunter that fell into a tomb filled with baskets that have tons of blue prints in them. Sadly, the blueprints have all been shredded up and I have to find out how to put them back together. This isn't the story to the app Blueprint 3D, but I have a big imagination. Blueprint 3D doesn't have a story, but it doesn't need to. You're given a set of blueprints that have been scrambled, and by using your fingers you move the pieces back together creating an image. It's quite simple, and quite fun. Check out the trailer below for a better understanding on how you play Blueprint 3D.

There are 12 level packs (so far) in Blueprint 3D. Each pack follows a certain theme, be it electronic gizmos or just Halloween. It'll take you around an hour to beat all the level packs on normal mode. Normal mode was very easy, but there are advanced and pro modes. Advanced mode is similar to normal mode, but there isn't any help on what the top of the object should be. It's more of a hassle than a harder difficulty. Pro mode though is where the champions go! This is where multiple layers are introduced, and you will have to unscramble more than one set of layers to get all the pieces back together.

Recently there was an update for Blueprint that included the ability to use your own pictures. Meaning if you see your friend riding a skateboard through the mall with a robot costume on, you can take a picture of said friend, and Blueprint will scramble the image creating your very own puzzle! You can also use any picture that's on your device that you could have found on the internet. This means the levels could technically be infinite depending on how many pictures you want to take. To be honest though, I enjoyed the level packs more than taking my own pictures. With the level packs, I didn't know what the image was going to be. With my own pictures there was no surprise.

Final Say: Blueprint 3D is a fun, controls well, looks great, and is very easy to use. For the price it's not a bad deal, and if you're looking for a simple puzzle game for your iPhone or iPad then this will be great for you. The addition of using your own photos as a puzzle only helps give the game more fun. Though you'll probably end up liking the main level packs more. Check out Blueprint 3D for the iPhone, and iPad!