Nov 4, 2012

App Review: Heads Up! Hot Dogs

Heads Up! Hot Dogs is available for the iPhone, and iPad for $0.99. The game is universal, meaning once you buy it you'll have it on both devices (very awesome). For this review I played Heads Up! Hot Dogs on the iPhone, and iPad, but mainly the iPhone.

Hot dogs!? Hot dogs are falling from the sky, and this world already has a litter problem. We need to get rid of these hot dogs at once! There's no trash cans around but there are a ton of people! So, why not place the hot dogs on their heads and hopefully they'll take care of them when they walk off the screen. This is seriously how the game is played: You pick up fallen hot dogs and place them on people's heads as they walk off the screen.

It's not as easy as it sounds. You have different types of people, ranging from slow-to-fast, and big-to-small. Sometimes you'll have a hard time balancing the hot dogs on people's heads. There are even enemies that try to stop you and your hot dog ways. From a cop that will shoot hot dogs in site, to a sneaky dog that will eat hot dogs left on the ground for too long. Hot dogs can only stay on the ground for three seconds before they expire. At the top of your screen is the number of hot dog game-lives you have until it's game over.

Scoring points and earning achievements is the name of this game. That's what makes it fun. Overall, it's not a groundbreaking game, but it's a good time that's worth a dollar, especially since it's universal and can be played on your other device. If I had to choose a device to play this game on it would be the iPhone. Heads Up! Hot Dogs is best played on-the-go. I had a good time showing people the craziness of this game at work, and they seemed to appreciate me shoving a phone in their face yelling, "Watch!"

Final Say: If you're looking for a simple, wacky, crazy, and fun arcade game for your phone, this is it. It's not the most fun you'll have on your device, but it will be a good time killer if you need to kill 10 minutes. This game has a ton of achievements you can gather as well, making it worth it for any achievement hunting hot dog eater. Check out Heads Up! Hot Dog. You can purchase it here.