Nov 19, 2012

App Review: Turkey Stuffin'

Turkey Stuffin' is available for $0.99 for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Yay! finally a review for Android people! For this review I played it on the iPad, and the iPhone.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that's always overlooked in the gaming community. Sure, it's not celebrated around the world and would be hard to sell in places like Japan, but I'm a proud American! I need a game for Thanksgiving. Luckily, my wish was granted with the app Turkey Stuffin'.

Turkey Stuffin' is as simple as they come. You have a small turkey and you need to stuff it to make it full and tasty. There's a conveyor belt on the left side of the screen that has food and different objects to help you stuff your turkey. You have 30 seconds to fill your turkey with whatever you please coming off the conveyor belt, but be careful because overfilling the turkey will make him sick, and all of what you just put in there becomes a big mess... gross.

At first I kind of thought this game was stupid, but then I was finding myself playing it more and more. I wanted to beat my high score, and it went from just shoving whatever into the turkey to having somewhat of a strategy. You see, there are different recipes you can make by stuffing different objects into the turkey. At first you don't know what the different combinations are until you actually make it, so the first couple of times you play you end up with different recipes by luck. You can then check your recipe book for recipes you've unlocked. The reason to make a particular recipe is to add bonus weight to your turkey, therefore beating your high score, or getting achievements.

I played Turkey Stuffin' on both the iPad and the iPhone, and by far I enjoyed it more on the iPad. Lucky for everyone, Turkey Stuffin' is universal, and you get both copies if you own both devices. The iPad version looked nicer, I had an easier time grabbing things, and who wouldn't want to see a turkey on the big screen!?

Final Say: It's simple and for some reason I had an urge to stuff that turkey over, and over. It's only $0.99, and it's universal which is a big plus. I preferred it a lot more on the iPad than the iPhone, though I think it's just me being spoiled by the iPad version. I'm sure I would have liked it the same if I only played it on the iPhone. I'm going to recommend getting Turkey Stuffin' if you're looking for a simple game to beat your, and your friend's high score.

Turkey Stuffin' is available for $0.99 for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.