Nov 8, 2012

HD Remake Request: Dune 2000

I'm always for an HD remake of a video game. Updated graphics, bugs fixed, some options added in, etc. It gives a new feel to a familiar game while giving yourself the nostalgia you deserve. While some HD remakes have proven to be awesome (Monkey Island, Earthworm Jim) some have not (Tony Hawk). I know there's a chance it won't live to my hype, I still have a list of games I'd love to see get the HD treatment, or at least a re-release that will allow me to play it on Steam.

The game I'm talking about today is Dune 2000. I was ten when I first played this, and I haven't played it since. I know this game could actually be total crap, so why would I want to take the chance with this game and play the HD remake? I just remember it being awesome, and an Real-Time Strategy game. RTS games are normally not my thing. There are very few out there that I have enjoyed, and it's just not my cup of chocolate milk. There are very few RTS games I like, so I automatically would love a remake of one I loved.

This is what I remember from Dune 2000. A GIANT WORM! You had to build your buildings on platforms that weren't sand. If you were on the sand then you could get eaten by a giant worm. I also remember it being a lot like Red Alert which was another RTS game I really enjoyed. That's really about it on things I remember. Still willing to take the risk!

Wow... Did you watch that video? I just got a nostalgic rush. Well, it's understandable that you probably didn't if you never played Dune 2000. Maybe it doesn't look like it compares to newer RTS games, but this came out in 1998. I think I would have an awesome time playing an HD remake of this, or at least a re-release on Steam. I would love to play against my Steam friends.