Nov 29, 2012

Super Hexagon Review For Steam | HARDesterest

You can purchase Super Hexagon for $2.99 on Steam.

Originally an app for phones, Super Hexagon has made its way to the PC. The game is simple yet screamingly difficult. You have to move your arrow left or right through this hexagon while lines are coming at you. The goal is to dodge these lines and beat your high score, or beat the high score of others... yikes. I'm not sure how it's possible, but some people have lasted minutes in one playthrough. Look at the gameplay video I shot below to see how difficult it is.

Sure you can say, "But Nick, you suck," to which I would agree. You start out with three difficulties: Hard, Harder, Hardest. Each ten seconds you last in the Super Hexagon earns you a line. If you last one minute you have a total of six lines making a hexagon, which means you earned the next difficulty. If you're like me, and couldn't last a minute, you can still play the next difficulties if you enable arcade mode in the options, which allows people to enter in there initials. This allows you to play the game as if it were in an actual arcade.

It's difficult, but that doesn't mean I disliked Super Hexagon. I actually quite enjoyed it. There were no death loads (meaning every time I failed I didn't have to wait for it to load to start again). This lead me to just keep playing over and over. The music in Super Hexagon was fantastic and kept me going, even at times I wanted to cry. Also, hearing that lady's voice say "excellent" (meaning new high score) was so great to hear.

Final Say: If you watched the gameplay video then you should know in advance if you'll like this game. Super Hexagon is well done for the computer, and even allows you to use a controller. It's only $3 as well, which is cheap for a Steam game. You might only get 30 minutes to an hour of enjoyment though, so keep that in mind. Still, since it's cheap, Super Hexagon still gets my recommendation unless you're the type that really will punch their computer monitor... get some anger management if you're really like that.