Nov 14, 2012

Video Game Review: Space Colony HD

Space Colony HD is available at for $7.99. It comes with a DRM free copy of the game, the soundtrack, and an Alien Horde mini-game.

Space Colony was one of the first games I ever bought on a whim. I was a big fan of The Sims at the time and the box reminded me of it a lot. What Space Colony turned out to be was a Sims game combined with strategy, missions, and space. As a kid I loved Space Colony and I was actually itching to play it again lately. Just my luck when I noticed Space Colony HD was just released without me even knowing about it until it was out! So the question is: Was my kid-brain wrong in thinking Space Colony was fantastic?

Space Colony is a game where you must take care of everyone on your base, making sure they get enough: food, social interaction, entertainment, sleep, and so on. You also have to give all these people jobs or your base will surely fail. On top of all that, you must complete different missions from collecting enough food sources (this isn't as easy as The Sims where you just open the refrigerator) to raising chickens. I didn't remember this game being so hard until I started playing it again. Even on the easiest setting I was having a hard time. There's so many people, and so many jobs it's hard to concentrate. Once in while I would change the speed of the game to fast, and everything would go to hell. From then on I kept it at normal speed (though it's nice that the speed options are there)

That's just the main story mode of Space Colony HD. There's also a Galaxy mode where you can help out different planets of your choosing. They range from easy to hard. It lets you know the difficulty of the mission before you go into the mission. You decide the levels! Then there's Sandbox mode! My favorite! Just do whatever you feel. Raise some chickens, make everyone fall in love with each other, or have everyone learn everything at the library you can buy!

So is the game just an HD remake? Mostly yes, but it does come with eight new campaign missions, and some user created missions. Oh, that's right, you can create your own missions in Space Colony HD. While that's not new, it just goes to show how massive this game is.

The graphics were updated nicely. I'm not really sure what goes into remaking a game into HD, but I've seen some poorly executed ones. Space Colony HD, while it's not up to today's standards in video games (Oh, it's no Crysis?), the graphics still looked nice on my screen.

Final Say: Sure, it was hard for me to pass all the missions, and I wanted to punch my desk in frustration, but the game is still a lot of fun. I recommend it to anyone since the price is so low, and you get a DRM free copy of the game, and the soundtrack. I paid $30 back when it came out, and I thought it was worth it. At $7.99 it's still a must have especially with the graphics updated, and the new missions.

Space Colony HD can be bought at