Dec 13, 2012

Dead Pixels Review

Dead Pixels is available on Steam, and Desura for $2.99.

After some toxic waste spilled into the water supply, the dead start to rise! You're one of the few survivors and need to run to safety while groups of the undead come after you! You'll come across other survivors along your way that you can buy things from, help upgrade your character, and save your game. You may also trade with these survivors if you have something they're looking for.

Gather a friend or play by yourself because Dead Pixels does have local co-op. As you shoot, punch, or run from the undead, Dead Pixels controls very well on a PC-Xbox 360 controller. It's a fun simple game that will have you upgrading your character in no time.

There are two additional game-mode types in Dead Pixels. The first is called The Solution. This is a lot like the normal game where you get to safety, but this time you need to get to the end AND come back! There are also no people to trade with, and you pick from a handful of characters that have different stats. I had some fun with this mode, but the normal game-mode of Dead Pixels is still the best. Even better than The Solution is the game-mode called Last Stand which sees waves of undead after waves of undead come after you, and you try to survive as long as possible. It's a fine add-on, but it gets boring after a short amount of time.

A cool thing about Dead Pixels is the random generated maps. Each time you play you get different quantities of undead, meaning you'll never know when, or where the undead will be hiding.

Final Say: Dead Pixels is for anyone looking for a fun simple game that involves shooting the undead. It's cheap at the price of $2.99, and shouldn't be passed over. Dead Pixels scratches that gaming itch for anyone looking to just pick up a controller or keyboard and play!

Dead Pixels can be purchased on Steam here.