Dec 19, 2012

Kickstarter: Hand To Mouth

A new Kickstarter is out that I'm a big fan of. Usually I talk about video game Kickstarters, but this time it's for a web-show. Hand To Mouth features two of the guys from SMBC Theater: Marque Franklin-Williams, and James Ashby. I'm a big fan of SMBC Theater, and if you haven't seen any of their sketches check them out here:

Hand To Mouth is it's own web show though, not a spin-off. It's a cooking show that while being funny, entertaining, and informative, focuses on being broke and making meals on a low budget. This fits my lifestyle pretty well. Hand To Mouth is already a running series so you can check out some of their videos. The Kickstarter is for making the web-show more polished and giving it a more professional look.

Check out the Hand To Mouth Kickstarter here.