Dec 8, 2012

Thomas Was Alone Review

Thomas Was Alone is available on Steam for $9.99. It's available on the PC and Mac. For this review I played it on the PC.

Who knew putting a bunch of squares and rectangles together could produce such an interesting story. Thomas Was Alone puts you in control of different types of squares and rectangles that each have a different weight and ability to them. A few examples: a tiny rectangle that can do a double jump, while some can just jump high, and one lags behind since it's slow, and doesn't jump very high. Each shape has a name, and personality to them. They don't talk in the game, but you know these details because of the narrator that speaks about these shapes.

As for the gameplay, and puzzles Thomas Was Alone has done a great job not getting repetitive. Each ten levels you beat, a chapter and something new gets introduced. This can be a new person... I mean square, or how the levels are designed. I never once felt like "been there, done that."

You can use a PC-Xbox 360 controller in Thomas Was Alone, but I believe other controllers are not supported. Luckily, I had the Xbox controller, and never had a problem controlling the squares, and rectangles. The game isn't too complicated though. It's actually quite a relaxing game, that allows you to just unwind and play. No slamming the keyboard against your closet door in this game.

Once you beat Thomas Was Alone there isn't much else to do other than replaying levels to find little black squares in different levels. I'm not sure if they're in every level, but the plus to collecting them is that you get an achievement for each one collected. Uh oh, I can hear the stomachs of achievement-gathers roaring. Yep Thomas Was Alone is a game with some pretty easy achievements.

Final Say: Indie-game creator, Mike Bithell made a game about squares and rectangles interesting, and that isn't an easy feat. With an interesting story and fun gameplay, you should get Thomas Was Alone if you're looking for a relaxing game. It can be beaten in a couple of hours, so if you're on the edge about this game then wait for a sale. If you love platformers, puzzles, and want a fun story, then Thomas Was Alone is a great choice.

Thomas Was Alone can be purchased here