Dec 5, 2012

Video Game Review: Primordia

Primordia is available at for $9.99 (DRM free). The download size is 600MB.

Primordia is a point and click adventure game that puts you in the role of Horatio Nullbuilt, who's power-core was stolen from his ship. Now it's up to you and your sidekick Crispin to get it back. Sounds simple enough? Well it isn't. That's just the beginning of this epic quest of really great storytelling and point-and-click puzzles

I'm a big fan of point-and-click adventure games, and Primordia does a great job making itself look like a retro game, while having a modern feel to it. The graphics are great and the voice acting / sounds / music are equally great! I especially liked the voice acting. Each character had their own emotion even if they were robots. Crispin drew laughs a bunch of times during the game, and even gave hints if I was stuck.

You'll most likely get stuck in Primordia because the puzzles get tough, and there's even some you'll need a notepad to write things down. That's a gamer tip right there: Have paper and a pen ready. Clicking on Crispin can help you but sometimes you have to click on him a ton to get a serious answer. Sure, his answers are funny like calling you out for asking for help, but I needed it! I'm not afraid to admit that this game is tough!

I really enjoyed Primordia, even if the puzzles were really hard at points. I don't have much to complain about because everything you need is there: inventory, easy to travel map system, getting hints from Crispin, and being able to save anytime. The only complaint I have is there's no double-click exiting. It's a small complaint, but you have to walk to the exit and then wait for it to load. I know some point-and-click games allow you to double-click the exit, and it will automatically load you to the next place. It's a really small complaint, but I do like it when point-and-click adventure games have this feature.

Final Say: For all the point-and-click adventure game fans out there, this is a must-have. If you're not a fan of these games, or don't like tough puzzles then take a pass. If you are, you're in for a big treat because Primordia is one amazing point-and-click adventure game.

You can buy Primordia here for $9.99.