Jan 23, 2013

App Review: Banana Kong

Banana Kong is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99. For this review I played it on the iPhone.

Banana Kong knows what it wants! It wants some delicious bananas! Well, unless it's hundreds of bananas in the form of a tidal wave, then Banana Kong knows better and will run! That's what Banana Kong is all about. Keep running from the banana tidal wave, collect as many bananas as possible, and dodge objects that get in your way.

To help you collect bananas Banana Kong is able to glide from platform to platform. This is done by tapping once to jump, and tapping again to glide. These are pretty much the only two commands in Banana Kong. When you've gathered enough bananas you can slide your finger on the screen to perform a third command - a dashing move. This dashing move allows you to go through objects that are in your way. This dashing move can also get you to the two other paths in the level. One is below the ground in a rocky cave where you can find the boar (more on him later). You can get to the other path by dashing while swinging on a vine. This path takes you to the sky filled with bouncy trees that allow you to get extra bananas.

There are also two other animals you can use in the game. One is a bird that allows you to fly if you're able to jump on it in time. The other animal is a boar that allows you to plow through objects. The bananas you collect during the level can go towards upgrades in the shop that help you throughout your adventure. Upgrading could mean a magnet power-up that helps you collect bananas, or upgrades that help you while you're flying on the bird. The upgrade system is a nice touch, but I feel that the upgrades cost too much.

Banana Kong is a fun game to pick up and play for a couple of minutes. The cartoon look of Banana Kong is really appealing and I also liked that catchy Banana Kong song. It got stuck in my head a couple of times while playing.

Final Say: Banana Kong isn't a game you'll play for an hour straight. It's great in small dosages. I thought an endless runner game would get boring after a couple of plays, though I always found myself coming back to try to beat my high score or trying to unlock some upgrades. There's not much to complain about besides the upgrades costing a lot. For $0.99 it's perfect for anyone looking for a game they can pick up for a couple of minutes and come back later.