Jan 14, 2013

App Review: Doodle Defense Mobile

Doodle Defense Mobile is available for the iPad for $1.99. A different version of the game is also available for free for Mac users. The Mac version allows you to use a real life whiteboard, and allows you to project the game onto that whiteboard. For this review I played it on the iPad.

In this creative tower defense game you're in charge of everything. Well, mostly everything. In Doodle Defense Mobile you must stop the enemy from getting to your base and attacking you. To do this you must draw your defense. You're allowed to draw different types of weapons like a fire type weapon to a ice type weapon that slows down enemies. You also can even draw walls that enemies can't go through. Every time you play you can try something new like drawing a maze or drawing something fancy like a dragon.

I found myself really enjoying Doodle Defense Mobile. I loved drawing my own maze, and making a giant weapon right in the middle. The weapons in Doodle Defense Mobile are circles you draw. The bigger the circle, the greater range and strength the attack is. In one game I played I had a giant weapon in the middle surrounded by tinier weapons. You can't just get to that point from the beginning though. Each wall or weapon costs ink. The only way to get ink is to defeat enemies.

Once you beat Doodle Defense Mobile you unlock a harder difficulty. This was great since I felt like I beat the normal mode fairly quickly. There is a fast-forward button in the game that makes the game speed up so you don't have to wait for enemies to come. There was also a pause button that brought up a menu, but no way to pause and draw out your plan. It's not a big complaint, but sometimes enemies got in the way while I was trying to draw.

Final Say: If you're a fan of tower defense games and like to think you have an artistic ability then you'll enjoy Doodle Defense Mobile. It's a simple tower defense game that anyone who can draw a circle can get into.

You can purchase Doodle Defense Mobile for the iPad here.