Jan 28, 2013

App Review: Ride 'Em Rigby

Ride 'Em Rigby is available for the iPhone and iPad for $0.99. For this review I played Ride 'Em Rigby on both devices. There is also a free flash version to play online available here.

As a fan of Regular Show I was excited that a new App featuring some of my favorite characters was out. Ride 'Em Rigby is a game based on the Regular Show episode called Muscle Mentor. It's about Rigby being harnessed to Muscle Man so Muscle Man can "teach" Rigby the ways of the park. If Rigby detaches from the harness at anytime then HE'S FIRED!

In the App Ride 'Em Rigby you play as Rigby while being attached to Muscle Man. Muscle Man tries his best to force you to detach from the harness. He does this by running into many obstacles like crates, or running through pipes. Rigby dodges these obstacles by jumping, double jumping, and ducking all while collecting soda for more points. It's an endless runner that keeps you moving until you finish the level, or run out of energy from unsuccessfully dodging obstacles. Also, yes, I know that Rigby jumping is technically him detaching from the harness, but it's a game... let's calm down.

There are also power ups you can gather from playing ranging from all sorts of characters and objects from the show; from the magic keyboard "The Power," to the Unicorn bros. They all allow you to be invincible for a short amount of time

Ride 'Em Rigby controls fine by tapping the right side to jump, and holding the left side to duck. When the game gets in its later levels it gets frustrating. Once you hit something it was hard to recover. Example: If you double jumped too late and hit an obstacle then you didn't have enough time to land from that double jump to perform another double jump - meaning you end up hitting the next obstacle. I found playing Ride 'Em Rigby on the iPad gave me better experience when it came to this. I'm not sure if I sucked playing on the iPhone, the bigger screen helped, or it was glitchy at times.

Final Say: The look and music to this game is awesome. There are 20 levels, achievements, and an endless mode to keep you busy. Unfortunately, the gameplay just wasn't fun enough to keep me entertained. I love Regular Show, but I'm going to say pass on this app. Also remember there is a free flash version of this game available here.

Ride 'Em Rigby is available for the iPhone, and iPad for $0.99.

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