Jan 3, 2013

Best Music Albums of 2012

While Carley Rae Jespen and Maroon 5 may have dominated billboard charts this year, and sleeper hits Gotye's "Somebody I Used To Know" grew to prominence, who put out the best overall albums in 2012? Here is the top 5 BEST music albums of 2012:

Honorable Mention:

Gamechops.com is a little known record label appealing to the nerd-gamer market with chiptune/dubstep albums based on popular game franchises. "Kirby's Bassface" may not recieve much recognition elsewhere on the internet (doesn't even have a wikipedia article!) but we'll give it a shout-out here for it's incredible work.

Any fan of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs or Dead Weather will love this album, but it also reaches out to casual music fans who aren't familiar with Jack White's awesomeness. Mixing it up on this album between the rugged garage rock sound and piano ballads, "Blunderbuss" won our hearts in 2012.

What's better than an AWESOME rap album? How about a FREE awesome rap album? Childish Gambino, AKA famous actor/comedian Donald Glover called up some of his pals in the rap game and pumped out the thoroughly bumpin' "ROYALTY" mix-tape.

A dark horse if I've ever seen one, Lindsey Stirling has been making waves on the internet with her unique musical gift of dubstep violining. And if her sheer talent alone doesn't grab your attention, how about the fact she's a super-nerd and makes covers and tributes of popular franchises like Zelda and Game of Thrones? People should be buying her self-titled album for monetary support alone!

The new millennium British Invasion of American music charts takes another step, when out from behind Adele and Florence and the Machine steps Ellie Goulding. Putting her huge sleeper hit, "Lights" behind her (but not too far behind, as it is brought back on this album), "Halcyon" is a fantastic lineup of hit after hit.






Much like our #1 Movie pick of the year - The Dark Knight Rises, we didn't cover "Clockwork Angels" very much on Organized Remains. It's a terrible problem we have that when we can't find enough fault with something to warrant intelligent rantings, we just mums the word. Maybe in the future we'll break this habit and start making posts that are just us drooling over an album, game, show, or movie, but for now this mere #1 position in this Best Of 2012 post will have to suffice.