Jan 4, 2013

Best TV Series of 2012

If you haven't picked up any new television shows debuting this year, you're probably like the rest of us. Black Dynamite is probably the only show (and by show, I mean cartoon) to debut on TV in 2012 that I enjoyed. Others sing the praises of female-driven comedies and dramas such as Scandal, Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23, Scandal and The Mindy Project, but I've yet to check any of them out. For us Joe Schmoes, we were left with a mediocre TV show that is Arrow, and that's about it. Thankfully we had our old reliables to fall back on this year and they certainly kept up the usual high standard. Here's our honorable mentions and top 5 best TV series of 2012.

--- Key and Peele
Skit comedy at it's finest. Some say Season 2 didn't hit as hard with the laughs as it's first season, but these two comedians are taking comedy central and the rest of the cable world by storm.

--- It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Much like Key and Peele, some would say this season wasn't it's strongest, but I'll take a weak season of the degenerates of Sunny mucking things up for my laughs over a strong season of shows like Revenge anyday.

#5 - MAD MEN

The suave bad-boy, Don Draper is back and married, trying to play the straight-laced subdued husband role. Step out of the DeLorean and into the the rapidly changing 1960's where progress is on the move and a once big advertisement firm is struggling to regain it's footing to meet the demands of a society they're trying to get a hold of.


City counsel-woman Leslie Knope has a hard time balancing the problems across the country where her boyfriend Ben Wyatt tries to manage a congressional campaign, and in her home of Pawnee. Follow her comedic misteps and honorable determination to hold things together with a wonderfully hilarious supporting cast of the inept and the insane.


Walter White's double-life is starting to bleed together and his two separate identities - doting father and neighbor, and murderous meth-cooker are starting to become one in the same. Still trying to keep a lid on things under his own DEA brother-in-law's nose, Walter and his young partner, Jesse must find a new way to make money with their former boss dead.


Officer Rick Grimes' best friend, Shane is no longer in the picture, leaving Rick and Rick alone to command his group of survivors in the zombie apocalypse. Potential shelter and safety is found immediately at the start of the season in the form of an abandoned prison, but though the fences are high and the walls are thick, the dead still roam free and plenty. Even more frightening, the living have their own community not far away and prove to be just as frightening as the brain-eaters.

BFF trio: Anders, Blake and Adam are back to their usual hijinks in Season 3, slacking off at work, getting messed up on drugs and alcohol, and getting into zany adventures together. That's about as much as I can give away given the episodes don't follow much necessary continuity but an absolutely fantastic season and very worthy of our number one spot.