Jan 29, 2013

Steam Review: No Time To Explain

No Time To Explain is available on Steam for $9.99.

Where to start? I know, the future! No Time To Explain is about your future-self coming for you, and before your future-self can explain the reason you traveled back in time, your future-self gets attacked and dragged off. While your future-self was being attacked he dropped his gun which becomes very important to the game. When more future-selfs come in play, this adventure gets a bit wacky. The story is very amusing and had me laughing at a lot of it.

There are a couple of guns you use in this game, but the main one is this power-beam gun. It's not about using it as a weapon (except with bosses) it's about using it as a way of transportation. Using your mouse to aim, and clicking/holding the mouse button shoots out the beam. You can make yourself hover, get to higher places, shoot yourself from left to right, and even shoot yourself down to the ground quicker. For a more visual explanation, and to see the other guns in the game check out the trailer below.

Using the guns in the game to move around is great fun, and the level design is always providing a challenge. There are parts to the game that are very hard, but since there are no load deaths (dying and reappearing without a loading screen) I just kept going at it without any crying. Dying in this game is simple. When you die you reappear at the last platform you touched. It makes the game sound easy, but it's not. There are some objects that will kill you that will make you start the whole level over as well. There's many different objects you interact with that keeps the game fresh.

There are also some very fun bosses in No Time To Explain that mix up the gameplay. This is where you can use your gun as a weapon, while using it as a form of transportation. Some of the bosses are very hard because of that fact... damn squirrel boss rolling everywhere! It felt so great after beating that guy.

No Time To Explain is a great game, but there is a complaint. It will take you around 2 hours to beat No Time To Explain. There are hats to collect that will give you more gameplay time, but I want more levels!

I did some research, and since this is a Steam release it has been updated from it's previous state.
  • A lot of bugs have been fixed
  • You can play in full screen
  • Both seasons of the game have been combined
  • You can perform dance moves by pressing the space bar
Final Say: I had a ton of fun with No Time To Explain. Sure, it's short at 2 hours, but it's about the journey with this game. I highly recommend No Time To Explain. The guns, the story, the levels, the music, and hats make this game a very fun experience!

No Time To Explain can be bought on Steam here.