Jan 14, 2013

The Journey Down: Chapter 1 Review

The Journey Down: Chapter 1 is available for iOS, PC, Mac and Linux. For this review I played it for the PC. It will cost you $6.99 on Steam.

Has there been an uprise of point-and-click adventure games lately? Well I love it! The newest one being The Journey Down: Chapter 1. There's a lot of story behind this game and a lot to cover. Playing as Bwana, you and your friend Kito run a gas station. After not paying the electric bill the electric company shuts off your power, but you know better, and you fool around with the electric box to get it back on. A woman then shows up at your gas station asking for a book, and there's a lot of power behind this book. You find it and now some kind of mob is after you so you must get your plane working so you can escape.

The Journey Down is like any point-and-click adventure game, and that's what I love about it. You click on objects and solve puzzles. The game is also humorous the whole time. It reminds me of Monkey Island, or Grim Fandango. While I like serious point-and-click adventure games I tend to like the more humorous ones a bit more.

The difficulty of The Journey Down can go from easy to hard at any point of the game. It's like any good puzzle, you'll have to think for a good amount of time. Well, that, or just click around for a good amount of time. It will take you around 2 to 3 hours to beat The Journey Down: Chapter 1.

The Journey Down is a solid game that I really enjoyed. The only thing I would have liked to see is double clicking to get to the next area. Meaning that in the game each time you click to leave the area you're in you have to watch your character walk to it. Some games have the ability to double click, and automatically load you to the next area. It's not a big complaint. Just something I like to see in point-and-click adventure games.

Final Say: I love point-and-click adventure games, and The Journey Down: Chapter 1 does the job well! These types of games are not for everyone, but if you like this genre of games then you'll love The Journey Down. It's got great characters, good puzzles, and a humorous story.