Feb 18, 2013

A Late Valentine's Dead Space 3 DLC Giveaway

Valentine's Day is over, but we can still show the love by teaming up with Visceral Games, and giving away some codes for Dead Space 3's DLC for the Xbox 360, and PS3. You can win up to three different weapon packs: Marauder Pack, Sharpshooter pack, or the Tundra Recon Pack.

You must live in the USA to enter this giveaway.

Two ways to enter: 
1. Post a comment below saying which system you have (you can say both), and your e-mail address.
2. E-mail me at nick@organizedremains.com, and tell me which system you have.

More info on the weapon packs:
Marauder Pack –
•    Contains the Marauder Suit and AL-9 Clearcutter.
•    Marauder Suit: Issued to the fearless S.C.A.F. "Marauder" units during the Separatist Wars, the Marauder Suit was used by ship boarding parties to breach Separatist defenses and destabilize their supply chains.
•    AL-9 Clearcutter: The top-mounted "Triple Threat" Pulse rifle is perfect for taking down dense crowds while the J-111 Hydraulic Eviscerator is sturdy enough to cut through anyone foolish enough to get in close.

Sharpshooter pack –
•    Contains the Sharpshooter Suit and SMP-90 Sharpshooter.
•    Sharpshooter Suit: This elite S.C.A.F. military gear was designed for the UN14 "Snake Bite" Special Ops Division. It features a low-frequency transponder that continuously synchs terrain and target data to its wearer.
•    SMP-90 Sharpshooter: This weapon is a heavily modified version of the standard Seeker sniper rifle. It is paired with a wide cutting Line Gun for achieving multiple kills in a single shot.

Tundra Recon Pack
•    Contains the Tundra Recon Suit and Aegis VII Survivalist.
•    Tundra Recon Suit: Worn by early expeditionary teams to Tau Volantis, this suit is woven with nanotech fibers that are coated in a paraffin-based analgesic compound, to maintain body heat under any condition.
•    Aegis VII Survivalist: Named after the remote planet of Aegis VII, this weapon combines a compact Plasma Cutter and Suspended Ripper.  It sports a titanium finish designed to withstand the harshest of planetary conditions.

This giveaway ends February 20, 2013.


  1. I have Xbox 360. Email: baztian360@gmail.com. Thanks for a chance.

  2. Would love to win one of the packs for Xbox 360! email: godofsharks@gmail.com

  3. xbox 360 - lotr2112@aol.com

  4. Awesome man! I emailed you the info.

  5. Would love a shot at the Xbox 360 DLC, Marauder Pack XD

    Email sent & many thanks!

  6. I have a PS3. Email: david.guay@snhu.edu
    Thanks a lot.

  7. Xbox 360 email benslash@hotmail.co.uk
    Just a tad late but hey its worth a shot

    1. Never mind I forgot to read the bottom