Feb 5, 2013

App Review: Cypress Inheritance

Cypress Inheritance is available on the iPhone, iPad, and the following Android devices: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and the Sony Tablet S. It will cost you $0.99 on Android devices, or $1.99 on Apple devices. For this review I played it on the iPhone and the iPad.

Recently, Cypress Inheritance had an update! In this update they added different difficulties that you can choose from in your profile. One of my complaints about the app was the difficulty, and I'm really glad an update has come out fixing this.

The Cypress Estate is where your journey begins to save seven very valuable paintings. You're a part of the Cypress bloodline, and your inheritance are the seven paintings. Should be easy. Nope! There's an A.I. named Vonya that wants to keep the paintings at all cost, and the paintings are hiding all over the mansion. The story is very detailed for such a simple game: go into the mansion, get the paintings, and return them to the safe that's outside.

The controls to Cypress Inheritance are interesting. You can use dual analog sticks, or press on the screen where you would like to go. I preferred the dual analog sticks because I felt like it was a pain to quickly turn with pressing on the screen. The dual analog worked for the most part, but there would be times where my thumbs wouldn't register on my device.

I really like the feel to Cypress Inheritance. Moving around this giant mansion looking for paintings was fun. Sadly there are some setbacks to this app. My biggest gripe with it is the manor's knights in armor. Some come to life and attack you, and some don't. When they start to attack you, you can either attack them back or just run away and hope you can escape (usually you can't). You have a sword and a shield to fight and have attack options like a light attack, a hard attack, and buttons to switch to another enemy if there are multiple. I tried searching in the options, but I couldn't find any mention on how to use your shield. The only way I could stop an attack was if I was able to time my attack right before theirs. Though I had better luck button mashing, or trying attack combos to kill these knights before they would kill me rather than strategic block and attack. A separate button to raise my shield would have been much better. I should also mention there is a stun gun that stuns them, but you only have five charges so you'll want to only use them when you really need it.

When you find a painting in the mansion Vonya comes out of hiding to attack you. I tried defeating her and never could, though it wouldn't make much sense if I could kill the main villain right in the beginning. When I got a painting I would just run for the exit! I liked how Vonya would come after you only when you had a painting. It gave me a rush. Say that's pathetic, but it's true.

If there were was a mode where you didn't have to worry about the knights, and only had to worry about Vonya when you had a painting, I think I would have enjoyed Cypress Inheritance a lot more. I know I just described an easy mode, but I need it. I just loved exploring the mansion and discovering new rooms.

Final Say: I love the atmosphere, exploring, finding paintings, and watching out for Vonya. Sadly it's frustrating when it's very difficult to dodge attacks, and it's hard to explore the mansion without dying. I'm given a shield in the beginning, but no button to use it. If there is a way to use the shield it wasn't in the how-to-play options. Make sure to check out the trailer before you buy it, and if you like games that you can explore then check out Cypress Inheritance. If you don't like exploring, the idea of getting beat up all the time, or paying $0.99 for an app then take a pass.