Feb 18, 2013

App Review: Fionna Fights

Fionna Fights is available for the iPhone, and the iPad for $0.99. There is also a free flash version of the game here. For this review I played all three versions.

Time for an Adventure Time app! "Fionna and Marshall Lee were on their way to Lumpy Space Prince's party when a swarm of monsters attacked." - Quote from the game. So it's up to you to slay these monsters, and make it to the party, even though the monsters never stop coming.

Not the best looking trailer, but the best I could find.

Killing monsters is done by tapping each monster with your finger or stylus. You must kill each monster or your energy bar will go down. Once your energy bar is empty you fall from the skies, and it's game over. Then you do it again.

You do get gems from killing monsters, which can be spent at the shop. You can buy items like swords, potions, and specials. These items will appear during your run, and if you can tap it in time you'll get to use your item. They come in handy when you're running low on energy, and there's a ton of monsters on the screen.

Fionna Fights handled really well on both devices. The game felt a little easier to play on the iPad because of the bigger screen. I did end up spending most of my time on the iPhone. It's more of a game that's good to play in short sessions. After a while Fionna Fights started feeling repetitive and I did get a little bored.

Final Say: Adventure Time fans will love this app for it's characters and simple gameplay. It's fun to kill monsters, and I liked buying items. I did find it boring after more time went by though. I suggest you play the free flash version from the Cartoon Network website. It's basically the same game but you use a mouse. If you liked the flash version then you'll like the app.

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