Feb 1, 2013

Movie Review: Men In Black 3

The sinister dart-shooting alien, Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) has escaped from his high security moon prison and has returned to earth with revenge on his mind. Rather than take on Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) a.s.a.p. for putting him away for forty years and blowing off his arm, Boris acquires a time-traveling device and travels back to 1969 to team up with his past-self and kill past-Agent K (Josh Brolin). The only person in the world who remembers K's existence in the present time is his partner, Agent J (Will Smith) who chases Boris back to 1969 to stop him.

Josh Brolin was the perfect casting choice for a much younger Tommy Lee Jones. The mannerisms, voice and appearance were picture perfect, making him easily one of the best chameleon actors in the game today, seemingly able to camouflage into any role. Jemaine Clement seems like a strange casting choice on paper given his comedic background on Flight of the Concords but enough makeup and costume design completely hid this usually unimposing young actor and made him a believably frightening giant alien creature. I now hope that Clement gets more American film roles because he did so well in this film.

This is the king of science fiction film that you really shouldn't focus too much on the details of time travel. They try not to bring attention to how it all works, particularly by making the owner of the time traveling devices speak like an oblivious idiot about the technical aspects, so you should just go with the flow once you're strapped in.

I went into this film with low expectations, having not enjoyed Men In Black 2 at all but found myself having a whole lot of fun. There was enough light hearted humor such as chocolate milk mixed with great action sequences and alien fights to make this a great staple in the action-comedy genre I love so much. They even take time to touch upon cultural differences/culture shock when Agent J travels back in time, although I felt like there was still a little more room to play here left unexplored.

Overall, this was a really awesome mindless popcorn movie. You should check this out when you see it on cable, rent it on Netflix or Amazon, or just flat out buy it, because it's a gem. It's not quite as groundbreaking as Men in Black the original, but it's leaps and bounds better than Men In Black 2. Overall rating...

4 / 5