Mar 23, 2013

App Review: Rock Bandits

Rock Bandits is available for $1.99 on the iPhone, and iPad. For this review, I played it on the iPhone.

I'm not an avid watcher of Adventure Time so bare with me. I'm mostly learning about it through all of the app-reviews I do for the show. Rock Bandits is about the Ice King, and The Earl of Lemongrab teaming up because their band doesn't have any fans. They kidnap the audience of another band that's lead by Marceline. UNACCEPTABLE! Now it's Flynn and Jake's adventure to get the audience back by traveling through The Land of Ooo.

Rock Bandits is a platformer that requires you to swipe in the direction you want Flynn and Jake to go. Once you swipe, they won't stop unless you swipe down to stop them. This gets difficult in later levels because there are enemies you must stop and watch out for. To kill most enemies you have to also swipe to use your sword, or double swipe Flynn and Jake to do a punch attack. I think a joystick option to choose from would have helped Rock Bandits. I wouldn't have to worry about Flynn and Jake walking off a cliff while I'm killing enemies.

The game is fun to play and there's a lot of different things you'll come across: different enemies, platforms, and treasure. The treasure can go towards the forger who will forge you a new sword if you have enough treasure. I also liked the look to the game, though how could you screw that up? It looks like a cartoon, like it should.

Final Say: Rock Bandits is a fun app, but I think the option to have a joystick control would have helped the game. It's a good purchase for fans of the show, Adventure Time, but I'm on the fence for non-fans. It's not a must-have app. So I would just take a pass on Rock Bandits unless there's an update that comes out for it.

Rock Bandits can be purchased for $1.99 here.

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