Mar 23, 2013

Movie Review: The Intouchables

Philippe is a Paris millionaire bound to a wheelchair and unable to feel anything from the neck down. In his search for a personal caretaker, he stumbles upon impoverished freeloader, Driss, who applies for the job full of attitude and gall expecting to be turned down but still able to list the location to the unemployment benefits department. Finally talking to someone who doesn't treat him with pity or kiss his quadriplegic butt, Phillipe hires him and a strange bond between the odd couple quickly forms.

Although you have to read subtitles through the entire movie, this image pretty much sums up the film. It's full of d'aww feels for men and women. This is also my favorite kind of drama - one with heart and laughs. If Driss wasn't such a comedic character, I wouldn't have taken to this film as much as I did. Sure, the film follows the cliche "Magical Negro" set-up, where a proud, sassy black person solves all white people's problems, but it did it in a way to warm hearts and make you care about the characters.

It's a little unnerving that The Weinstein Company bought the rights to do an English remake of the film, because I feel a lot will get lost in translation and mainstream American audiences won't take to The Intouchables as well. The title alone is off-putting to the American sense of aesthetics. Never the less, everyone who doesn't mind reading subtitles in foreign films, should see this film. Overall rating...

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