Mar 9, 2013

NAVE The Rockstar Tour

Maybe this has happened before, but I've never heard of this scenario: Two people build a game from scratch, then refuse to sell it online, saying that it only works with an arcade cabinet. That's exactly what Hernan Saez and Maximo Balestrini from the game company Videogamo did. NAVE is that game, and it's a classic looking space shooting game, but from the trailer it looks so good! The only way to get your hands on this game though is from the Rockstar type tour they're doing with NAVE.

This arcade cabinet is trying to travel the world so everyone can get their hands on it. So far, Argentina is the only place it's gone, but the developers are trying their best to get NAVE to other places like North America, and Europe. I think this is a new and exciting way to get arcade cabinets back in style.

From the trailer, NAVE looks really well done. I love the giant spacecraft you can get later in the game. My first thought was - I'd love to have this game on Steam - but then I thought about it. I think playing it on a cabinet would create a fantastic experience between the player and the game. It could give arcade cabinet lovers a nostalgic kick while giving people that never played one a history lesson.

If you would love to see NAVE come to a place near you then spread the word of NAVE. Tell friends, Twitter, and your high school history teacher about NAVE. These guys need your help!

In their behind the scenes videos they're using their bed as a desk, and office!

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