Mar 12, 2013

Video Game Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was released in Japan arcades on September 14, 2011, with an updated version subtitled Unlimited on March 27, 2012. The game was released in North America on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 11, 2012 with the rest of the world getting it within a few days after. The game was also released on the Wii U in North America November 18, 2012, with the rest of the world getting it some short time after that.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2, unlike the rest of the Tekken series which revolves around the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, is mainly fan-service for dream matches but also has a completely off-the-wall minor plot about Violet building Combot and kidnapping a few of the top fighters in the world to test it against. This storyline is pretty unimportant, as it only takes place under the Fight Lab game mode, which is also supposed to serve as a tutorial. Unfortunately the tutorial is incredibly difficult and throws you in with both feet on not-so-basic combos. While the story and cut-scenes are entertaining and well done, newcomers to the Tekken series have a much better chance of learning the mechanics of the game (hint: mash buttons) by just playing the other modes such as Arcade Battle, Ghost Battle, Vs. Battle, Team Battle, Time Attack, Survival, Practice, Pair Play (up to 4 players each controlling a character to tag in at their pleasure), and then work your way up to online ranked and non-ranked matches.

The roster of characters to choose from is overwhelming in the best of ways. Much like the original Tekken Tag Tournament or Mortal Kombat Trilogy if you want an old school reference, you get an epic butt-load of characters diverse in personality, appearance (some of the girls are even not scantily clad!) and fighting styles. The one downfall to this is having to sit through their load screens before each fight. And there are a lot of load screens, let me tell you. The first few load screens prior to a fight where they spout their catch phrase is pretty cool, but you quickly learn that many of them reuse the same catch phrases, and none of them are very creative or witty. Some of them leave it ambiguous if the character is talking trash to their opponent or breaking the fourth wall and talking trash to the player.

The graphics and game play are major strong points of the game. Obviously it sucks when you're getting helplessly juggled in the air by your opponent and can't tag out, but after playing the game for a month I haven't experienced any glitches or lagging that set back my playing experience. Some of the fighting is so beautifully choreographed and fluid it's like ballet. Or Pro Wrestling, which I am also fond of. I also appreciate smashing opponents through the ground or through a wall into a different part of a level, which brings me back to my comparison of Mortal Kombat. Sadly, I didn't Uppercut somebody through a ceiling into a next level, but there are some fairly close moves in Tekken Tag 2.

Overall, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a very fun fighting game for anyone who likes to get some friends together and mash buttons while screaming trash talk. If you can master the Double Team moves you'll especially by having a ball. Some small complaints about the game would be a lack of individual character plots (there are a handful of brand new characters in the mix with all of your old staples of the series but you won't learn anything about them until you beat Arcade Mode. Seriously, a beginning, middle and end cut scene would have added a ton to this game), Fight Lab being way too difficult for a novice, and the repetitiveness of load screens prior to fights. Overall rating...

7.5 / 10

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  1. Hmm, now I have a confusion :) This Tekken game adaptation is really cool. I had a lot of great emotions playing them. But now there is upcomming Tekken 7. I think you can't await it to be released worldwide :) Which one would be better? Although there is more male characters, like tekken 7 claudio on Seven Tekken, but this tournament is a way better for multiplayer :)