May 26, 2013

App Review: Regular Show - Best Park In The Universe

Regular Show - Best Park In The Universe is an app available for the iPhone and iPad for $2.99. For this review I played it on the iPhone 5.

Here we go, a new Regular Show app! This is the third one to date with the other two being Nightmare-athon, and Ride 'Em Rigby. This time park manager, Benson is out of town, and typical slacker employees Mordecai and Rigby break their slacker ways to prove that they can make the park into the best park in the universe. This man shows up at the park promising that he can make the park the best, and Mordecai and Rigby decide to trust him. The park is in big trouble when this man turns the park into a disaster. Now it's up to you to fight through hoards of bad guys to get the park back!

There are three destinations with five levels a piece (one more destination to come later). You play as Mordecai and Rigby to fight through these levels (more characters in the future). Going through each level you move by tapping the screen, and to attack enemies you swipe your finger across the screen. That's about it besides the special power you can gain by defeating enough enemies. To activate your special power you tap the screen with two fingers. The controls work well and didn't have problems moving around. I would have liked a block button because there's some enemies that have throw attacks, and moving out of the way is somewhat of a hassle when a bunch of bad guys are punching you.

Leveling up your characters are a must. The later levels become difficult and I had to go through some levels a couple of times just to level up my characters. Each time you level up you get a skill point to go towards more health, new attacks, or making your special power more powerful. This experience gives the game more depth, and I liked it!

The look to the game is just like the TV show, and it's great. The game also does great by adding new enemies that have different moves throughout the entire game. I also enjoyed the music, and of course the sound effects - WHOOOOOOAAAA.

Final Say: $2.99 is normally pricey for an app, but it took me around 2 hours to play through. There's also the promises of more characters, and a new destination to come. The controls work well, and the only thing I would have liked to see was a block button. I had a good time playing this app, and recommend it for any Regular Show fan. Even if you're not a fan of the show it's a good purchase if you enjoy beat em' up games.

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