Jul 20, 2013

App Review: Bloody Harry

Bloody Harry is available for the iPhone and iPad for $0.99. For this review I played Bloody Harry on the iPhone.

Bloody Harry has you playing as a chef with an assortment of weapons to kill monster after monster. Each level has you killing monsters, collecting coins, and reaching the end. There are also power ups you can collect during the level like a skateboard power up to help you travel faster.

As you gather coins from each level you can upgrade your weapons for even more destruction. You also get a crown for each level you complete. Crowns can go towards getting armor, getting an ally to help you in your fight, or having your hitpoints regenerate for one level.

I had a blast with Bloody Harry. The controls work well and I never had a problem moving around. For most of the game I couldn't put it down. I loved getting coins and upgrading my weapons. There are a ton of levels to Bloody Harry, and that actually may be it's downfall. I was able to upgrade all my weapons to the max level and there are still a ton of levels after that. It gets repetitive really quickly once you have all the upgrades since you're not working towards anything.

Final Say: Bloody Harry is worth the $0.99. Sure, it gets repetitive at the end of the game but there's a solid two hours of fun before I bought all the upgrades. Everything else to the game works very well from the controls to the graphics. Check out Bloody Harry!

Bloody Harry can be bought for $0.99 here.

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