Aug 20, 2013

Video Game Review: Charlie Murder

Charlie Murder... Charlie Murder... I'm not sure what it is, but Charlie Murder is a fun name to say. Just try saying it in a deep, dark, twisted way. It's fun right? Well, fun for me, and that's a good start to this being a great game.

It's time to beat up some enemies in this four-player co-op game. You can choose between different types of characters to play as. I played as the Tank (the big guy), and I destroyed anything that came in my path. You also level up during the game which give you better stats and new abilities to wreck havoc! It's awesome leveling up and getting the ability to throw cars, or learn a new move. There is also a bunch of stuff you can collect and do during your journey, from finding clothing to getting tattoos. It all helps you out while you're out there fighting enemies.

Charlie Murder controls well when beating everyone up, and there's no room to complain. There are also some parts to Charlie Murder to spice things up, for example, a rhythm game. You see, Charlie Murder is about a band, and music is a big part to this game. The music in the game is great and fit perfectly! I always looked forward to the rhythm parts to this game.

This is a great experience but I do have one problem with it. The auto-saving in this game isn't doing it's job enough! I've cleared levels, turned off the game, and came back having to redo 20 minutes of playing! Ooooooo 20 minutes! "Big deal," you might say. It's not the end of the world, but I'm just not a fan of having to redo levels that I have already beat. I also tried looking for a way to save manually but couldn't find it.

Final Say: Great game, and music! That's all I really have to say. Sure, the auto-save didn't save as frequent as I would have liked, but that's the only problem I had with Charlie Murder. It's available for $10 on the Xbox Live Arcade, and I say you should check it out! Especially if you got some friends!

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