Aug 11, 2013

Video Review: Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

Script: Hello this is Nick from reviewing the Xbox Live Arcade game Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, which will cost you $15.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons puts you in the role of two brothers. After their father catches an illness, it's up to the two siblings to find some medicine for their father. You're not really sure where the medicine is, but you have a scroll of what it looks like, and people you meet along your journey are nice enough to point you in the right direction.

Along your quest you'll come across puzzles, adventure, boss battles, emotional storytelling, and beautiful scenery. What makes Brothers different is the controls. They're so simple yet so different. You control one brother with the right analog stick / right trigger, and you control the other brother with the left analog stick / left trigger. Besides being able to move the camera angle and pressing the start button for menus, that's it! Controlling two people is the difficult part to this pretty straightforward game. For some people it might be easy, and for some it might take awhile to get used to. For me personally I found it to be a fun twist for this game, and made things interesting.

Brothers is an amazing looking game with great looking graphics. It really plays well with the story that's told with no vocal dialog. Everything is done with hand gestures, and a few words of a made up language. I couldn't believe how invested I became in this family, and the people they would meet along they're journey. It really fit together. To do that in a 3 hour game is really quite a feat.

Yeah, you heard right, the game will take you around 3 hours to beat the 9 chapters. There are things off the main path that you can do for achievements if you want some extra gameplay. I didn't really have the motivation to go back and do that after beating it though, but if you really love achievements then you'll get an extra kick out of Brothers.

Final Say: Sure it's 3 hours long, but I still really recommend Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. I had a really great time moving through the adventure, getting attached to the story, and even sitting at the random benches in the game to look at the beautiful scenery. Check out Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons!

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