Sep 12, 2013

App Review: Giant Boulder of Death

Giant Boulder of Death is available iPhone and iPad for FREE! For this review I played it on the iPhone. You can get this app here.

Giant Boulder of Death (GBOD) is about exactly that. You control a giant boulder and try to smash into as many things possible while avoiding spikes and other obstacles. You control the giant boulder by tilting your device in the direction you want the boulder to roll. Tilting worked nicely, and when I would run into something like spikes I knew it was my fault for sucking.

Other than your goal in GBOD of smashing into a number of objects, you can also shoot for a certain high score. When you complete a goal, you unlock a new thing that will appear in the GBOD universe like a golden goose, that if run over will give you more points than running over a regular goose. If you feel like you can't beat a goal, or a goal is to hard then you can use gems to complete it. While you can buy gems with real money, it's also possible to collect gems while you're rolling your giant boulder.

You may also upgrade your boulder using many different upgrades, ranging from a higher jump to having a magnetic field around you to help you collect coins/gems. In the beginning it seemed like getting upgrades took too long, but it turned out I was just bad at the game. Playing for longer I started getting a flow going and collecting coins was no problem for me.

Final Say: GBOD was addicting to me. It was fun to collect coins and gems. It was even more fun to complete goals and unlock new objects for the world. It's free to play, and I never felt pressured into paying for gems. It's a fun game that should be downloaded to your device!

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