Oct 24, 2013

App Review: Regular Show Ghost Toasters

Regular Show: Ghost Toasters is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for $2.99. For this review I played Ghost Toasters on the iPhone 5.

Halloween time! What goes with Halloween? Halloween themed apps! Just like Regular Show: Ghost Toasters, the newest Regular Show app out just in time for Halloween. Cartoon Network takes the cast of Regular Show and gives them weapons to protect the park from evil ghosts.

Forty levels in all, but really there's only a couple of areas. Each level just throws in more and different ghosts as you play. It's kind of disappointing that there's only 4 areas. There is a fifth area coming soon but can't be played yet, so you play the same level a bunch of times until you unlock the next chapter. That's if you collect enough stars per level though.

Each level has you shooting ghosts as your favorite Regular Show characters. As you play each level there are green portals that you have to collect to get a better score. When you touch one of the green portals you change characters. Your three star rating depends on how many ghosts you kill, and how many green portals you're able to reach during a level. You need stars to unlock chapters, and collecting green portals unlocks new characters to play as.

You can also level up your characters by collecting coins that the ghosts drop when you kill them. You get coins by getting more stars. It's a nice touch, but I never knew who to level up because you're changing characters so frequently during the level. My strategy was just to make each character the same. Well, sometimes I would lean towards leveling up Margrette, but she has a rocket launcher!

The game controls using your thumbs on the bottom part of the device. On the left, you control which direction they go in. On the right is your shoot and jump buttons. It's pretty simple and the controls worked pretty well, but sometimes it would lose track of my thumb and wouldn't go in the direction I wanted them to go in.

Final Say: It's a pretty fun game until you get farther in and it starts becoming repetitive. I know $2.99 isn't that much, but it feels like it should be cheaper. I know the game is beefy in the terms that it has a bunch of characters, and the ability to level up each one of them, it's just a shame that there are not more areas to move around in. It's still not an app to pass over entirely, but wait for a sale.

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