Oct 20, 2013

Plantronics RIG Stereo Headset Review

Plantronics' new wired headset RIG has recently hit shelves at the price of $129.99. The big feature is the ability to hook the RIG headset into a console/PC/Mac and your phone at the same time using the mixer it comes with. The RIG also comes with an inline microphone if you want to use the headset while you're out for a walk, and not have to bring a mixer with you.

The mixer is great for controlling everything. You have your normal options like volume and muting your microphone, then you also have your options for your console/computer and your phone. That's right, plug in both your console/PC and phone into the mixer! The mixer has a big switch on it to control whether you're talking to either your phone, or someone on your computer/console. For a more interactive look at the mixer take a look here. Your phone, and computer/console each have their own volume control so you can have the ability to listen to music, or maybe listen to a video walkthrough on your phone while you game. There is also a master volume control that you can spin that controls both your phone and computer/console.

I think the look to the RIG Headset is stylish, but I'll let you judge the picture above. It's even more comfortable. For days now, I've been wearing it for hours at a time while I've been at my computer and never had a problem. I must have a big head because usually headsets are too small for me, and after using them for awhile my ears hurt from wearing them. Over time the headset would "stretch out" and get used to my big head. I never had this problem with the RIG though since it fit perfectly the first time I put it on. I don't even have the headset at it's largest setting too!

The mixer is great, it's stylish, and comfortable, but how is the sound quality? I'm not an expert when it comes to headsets, but I thought the sound quality was great. Everything came in clear - gaming and listening to my phone sounded great!

The RIG is a great headset, but the price might be it's weakness. $129.99 might be a bit much for a headset with a couple of wires. You have one wire for the headset, one for the phone, and one that connects to the console or computer. A total of three wires which might not sound like a lot, but it's kind of a clutter on my desk.

Final Say: The RIG headset is a great way to listen to your favorite music, games, and friends all at the same time. I love the mixer that it comes with, and controlling all the volumes right here on my desk. It's also very comfortable for my big head, and it sounds great!

If you're looking for a new headset then check out Plantronics' RIG headset for $129.99 on Amazon.com where you can order them in black or white!

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