Dec 1, 2013

My Batman: Arkham Origins Experience

I finally finished Batman: Arkham Origins! No, I didn't just get it last week. I had it pre-ordered, and played it on release day. Usually I'll get distracted from a game and it'll sit on my backlog, but this time it wasn't my fault! I kept running into bugs and glitches. I'll go ahead and mention that I played on my PC. My PC is a gaming machine, and usually has no problems playing anything. Everytime I ran into a bug I checked to see how common it was. Most of them were pretty common so I don't think it was my PCs fault.

There was one bug that I ran into that was uncommon. I only found one person had reported it on the support forum. On the map it wasn't telling me where to go! I was just roaming the city and could only see side missions. So I went ahead and did all the available side missions. Still nothing on the main mission showing up. I tried restarting the game and reloading from the last check point. Nothing. What sucked the most about this was that I was really enjoying the game and wanted to continue!

I was stuck, and I thought about starting over from the beginning. I was at the 6 hour mark though, and even though I was enjoying the game a lot, I wasn't enjoying it enough to redo 6 hours. Plus, what if this happened again? So the next thing I had to do was make sure there wasn't anything I missed. I looked up some Let's Plays of Batman: Arkham Origins. This was horrible because Let's Play videos are broken up into segments and you have to find the right video, and then find the right part of the video of where you're at. Doesn't sound too bad, but when a game comes out there's usually no Let's Plays that are fully complete.

I tried to think about the story. There was mention of a hotel. So I looked online to see where there was a hotel in this game and found out where it was. So I figured maybe if I showed up at the hotel the mission would just start. I get to the hotel and I find a floating walkie talkie in front of the front door. I walked up to the hotel and Batman says something like, "UM MAYBE I SHOULD FIND A DIFFERENT WAY IN!" Ok, gee Batman, I get it. So I climb the building. Well more like used Batman's hookshot, and WOOSHed up the building. I find a door! I go up to the door, and it says press A. I'm finally about the play this mission! *Click... click* Door is locked...

I decided to wait and see if the game was going to be updated. That Friday there was an update, and it fixed some of the problems I was having, but not this glitch of not having a pointer on the map. I waited another week, and saw they updated again on Friday. Same thing: more fixes, but not the one I was looking for. I heard there was a boss fight bug that was really bad that was later in the game, so I am glad these bugs are getting taken care of... BUT I want my problem to be fixed.

After a couple of weeks of updates it didn't seem like the update I was looking for was coming. So I turned to the Let's Plays again. I finally found where I was suppose to go.

See, the mission was having me go to a hotel, but I really had to go on top of a building next to the hotel, beat up the guys on the roof, and use my Bat Scanner to pick up a radio signal. Then the mission had me go to the door that was previously locked. After that I only ran into a bug here or there, and once i had to restart from a checkpoint because nothing was happening. I guess I'm glad I waited for the updates since I guess there was a lot more bugs, but this game probably came out earlier than it should have.

Bugs aside, what did I think of this game? I really enjoyed it. I loved using Batman's gadgets, and the fighting system was really fun to use. The story was also great for me. I've never read any of the comics, but I found the story in Arkham Origins to be very entertaining. By this time you should be able to pick up Arkham Origins for cheap. I recommend it! There's also a mutliplayer mode I haven't tried out, but I heard that was buggy as well.

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