Dec 30, 2013

Steam Sale Thoughts

That time of year where we are between Christmas and the new year. It's an awkward time where it feels like you should be on vacation, but there we are at work doing the same thing that's always going on. Well unless you're in school, unemployed or have a job that was kind enough to give you the week off. Luckily for everyone it doesn't matter what position you're in because it's the Steam Sale time! Where games become so cheap that you can't pass them up.

I'm at the point where I see a good deal, go to click the link, and then in a green box below the trailer for the game I see that I already own the game. I have so many games that I already have most of the stuff that's on sale. That won't stop me from picking up some games though.

Here's what I picked up so far:
1. The Bridge
2. Call of Juarez Gunslinger (Pick up from Amazon, but came with a Steam code)
3. Final Fantasy VII
4. La-Mulana
5. Legend of Dungeon
6. Lego Marvel Super Heroes
7. Saints Row IV Season Pass
8. The Stanley Parable

It's a descent list where most of the games were under $5. Have I played all of the games yet? Not even close. From this list I've played Call of Juarez Gunslinger, half of the Saints Row IV DLC, and The Stanley Parable. Call of Juarez is glitching on me sadly. I was able to play through the first chapter perfectly fine (and it was so good), but the second chapter nothing is showing up. I'll come back to it to see if it works later. Saints Row IV first DLC Enter the Dominatrix was ok. I think it took me an hour to go through. Lastly The Stanley Parable was pretty great. Though maybe I rushed through it, or played it wrong because I got four different endings, and only played for 36 minutes according to Steam.

What I've been also playing thanks to the family sharing Steam plan is Rogue Legacy. I'm very impressed with this game. It's great for long amounts of time, and great for 10 minutes for the people that have important business meetings to attend to. Though I'm only two hours in so I feel like that 10 minutes will grow the more you play since you have to spend more time finding gold, and bosses. I very recommend it though!

The Steam sale isn't even over yet! Let me know what you picked up, and what you recommend (before the end of the sale please).

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