Jan 21, 2014

Super Mario 3D World Rant

Mario games are usually great, and Super Mario 3D World is just another example. I didn't like it as much as a lot of other Mario games, but it was still a very solid game. Even better if you have two or more people playing it.

Super Mario 3D World is set up where each level has a beginning and an ending. The ending of each level has the iconic flag pole that you try to jump and reach the top for the most points possible. Sometimes you need to do a long jump by pressing the Z button to slide for a second then jump. Though sometimes you jump first and then press the Z button which does that butt flop move, entirely messing up your chance of hitting the top of the flag pole.

I prefer my Mario games not to have the flag pole like in Super Mario 64, or Super Mario Galaxy. This isn't what the rant is about though. I want to rant about these three green stars in each level. They are hidden all around and you gotta collect enough of them to unlock the castle at the end of each world. I'm not the type that wants to collect every green star, but it's a part of the game. I'm ok with that because the levels are fun, and I'm having a good time.

What was frustrating was I got to the last world, and I'm going into each level collecting green stars. I get to the last castle in the game, and it says I need 130 green stars to enter. I only had 90... ONLY 90! I'm off by 40 stars! I don't understand. I got to each castle beforehand with no problem. Sure, I'd understand if the castles before this one required 15-20 stars per world. The world before the last one only required something around 75. Now it wants to jump up to 130!

I basically have to play each level again to get each star I missed. Why have such a high requirement for the last castle!? I'm fine with the green stars being there for the extra challenge. I even think it's a cool idea to have unlockable worlds after the main game is beat that you can reach by collecting stars like in Super Mario Galaxy.

Now I know that most Mario games are like this. Super Mario 64 was like this, and that's one of my favorite games. There just wasn't as long a gap between the requirement of stars for the last Bowser. I guess I just wasn't prepared to see that I needed 40 more stars.

Besides that Super Mario 3D World is a good game. I still recommend it, but just be strict when it comes to collecting green stars during your first playthrough, or you'll have to replay every level to get to the final stage.

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