Feb 15, 2014

Saints Row IV DLC Season Pass Rant

As I mentioned in my Steam Sale post that I purchased the Saints Row IV Season Pass... HA! Season Pass meaning two pieces of Downloadable Content, and a weapon. I paid $4 for the season pass, but it's normally $10! I played through the two DLC campaigns Enter the Dominatrix, and How The Saints Save Christmas. They both took me an hour each. It was enjoyable, but nothing spectacular. For $4 I'm ok with it, but how are they charging $10 for it without the sale?

That's all the current DLC available for Saints Row IV. You only get two of them in the season pass. Most of them are costumes, but I'd love to have all these costumes. I'm fine with them charging for these costumes, but I want a season pass that includes it all.

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