Mar 1, 2014

App Review: World Of Gibbets

World Of Gibbets is available for the iPhone, and iPad for $0.99. For this review I played it on the iPhone 5.

I'm not sure if there's a story to this game, but if you think about it this game is very bizarre. People are hanging from the gallows pole, and it's your job to shoot arrows at the rope hanging each person. You control the arrows by swiping your finger across, and directing the arrows to where you think it will go threw the rope. Once you have all the people safely dropped from the pole then you beat the level.
Each person you are saving has a health bar. Since they are hanging from a noose they are slowly losing health. If you aim your arrow, miss the rope, and hit the person with your arrow they lose a lot more health. If the people lose all their health then it's game over, and you have to start the level over again.

This game throws everthing at you. I found it to be very difficult. You have the health bars to worry about, but you also have a set number of arrows you can use. There's many objects that get in the way, and sometimes you have to knock over objects to have a clear view of the person. Teleporters are another thing you have to time. If your arrow touches a teleporter then you get moved to that position, and you're stuck there. That's a lot of stuff to have to think about it, and things get hectic.

This doesn't mean I didn't like this app. In fact I enjoyed it. There's a ton of levels to offer, and even some mini games you can purchase with in-game coins that you can collect during each level. The only thing that bothered me was once in awhile I would swipe my finger to close to the bottom of the screen, and would be able to pull back the arrow enough to hit the rope. Once you pull back the arrow there's nothing to stop what you're doing, and try again without wasting an arrow.

Final Say: It's $0.99, and it has a ton of levels. It's a fun game that gives you a challenge. It might be morbid to think about what's going on in this game, but pretend you're robin hood and you're saving all the people in the village. Check out World Of Gibbets.

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