Apr 1, 2014

South Park: The Stick Of Truth Review

South Park: The Stick Of Truth is the type of game that can be difficult to review because you don't want to give away anything. Giving away the slightest thing could give away a joke in the game and ruin the experience of a new player. I went into the game knowing some of the jokes and it was the worst. It was funny when I watched a Let's Play, but not as funny when I played it for myself. I will try my best not to spoil anything, especially details of the story.

My reaction to the story: it was hilarious! Being a South Park fan of course helped. If I'd never seen the show before it might not have been as funny since I wouldn't know the characters. The game does a great job throwing back some older memories from the show into the video game. The story is great at being funny, and entertaining.

The Strick Of Truth is a turn-based RPG game. There's a lot of weapons to choose from, and most weapons can be modified. I had a lot of fun with the fighting system used. It reminded me of Super Mario RPG because when you were about to attack you could press a button to add more power to your attack. You could also block more damage from an enemy by pressing a button at the right time. There was a lot of interacting with the environments around you which was great. A lot of the environment was interactive and you could use certain objects to take out your enemies without even having to fight them.

The game was always giving you some sort of power so you could reach different places throughout the town of South Park. It was a great experience to learn these powers, and felt great when you could reach new places. The map was very detailed, and looked exactly like the town from the show. The entire game looked like an episode of South Park!

Final Say: My only complaint was I wanted more! It took me 11 hours to beat the main game with most of the side quests completed. The game is still fantastic with a lot for the fans. If you're a South Park fan this is a no brainer! Pick the game up! If you're not a fan of the show then you probably won't like the story to the game. You might enjoy the game mechanics, but the story is a huge part of the game.

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