May 7, 2014

Trials Fusion Review

Trials is back, and this time it's all based in the future... I think. Well, I don't remember if it ever mentioned a date, but the main title theme song sings "Welcome to the future!" They tried to add a story to this game, but I'm here for all the bikes, vehicles, roaming the different terrain, and this time, doing tricks. I don't have time for a story when I'm doing crazy flips over randomly placed boxes!
They really outdid themselves with the levels in Trials Fusion. It's very detailed, and sometimes I lost track of my rider because I was looking at the background, checking out what was going on. You can tell they spent a lot of time creating these levels, and I applaud them for it. I had a lot of fun playing through the levels.
Now I heard this game was hard, and I thought, "Hey I got through all the levels of Trials HD. Shouldn't be too difficult." Then I played, and I was a different kind of wrong. I was right when I thought that getting through each of the levels wasn't the most difficult thing. What I was wrong about was the difficulty of unlocking new levels. It reminds me of my Super Mario 3D World rant. You have to get a certain amount of medals to unlock levels. A bronze medal is rewarded for just completing the level, and the sliver/ gold medals are given to you by completing the level in a certain amount of time, and the amount of faults you had (times you crashed). I'll take you to the bank, Senator - to the blood bank. So, if you got a gold medal, you get three medals towards unlocking more levels. I feel like the amount of gold medals you have to get to unlock these levels are a little much. I just want to play the levels, not have to keep going back to older levels to make sure I get gold on them.
That sure was frustrating, but luckily there's a create mode where you can make your own levels and share them with everyone over the internet. There's a lot of user-created levels, and you can rate them after playing them. Let me just say that there are a lot of creative people making great levels out there.
Multiplayer! Yes Trials has that... well, local multiplayer, no online multiplayer. WHY!? After telling my friends online that they need to buy Trials Fusion so we can play some multiplayer, I then  went to check out the multiplayer and could only find options for local. I had to quickly tell my friends that I had just jumped to the conclusion that they had it. Now I look stupid/ am silly. I'm not sure if it's coming later on; I'm hoping they do; it looks like a lot of fun.

Final Say: If you liked previous Trials games, you'll like this one. The controls are the same, and that is to say, great. Just keep in mind that there's no online multiplayer. Really, that's the game's main downfall. Sure, the getting enough medals is frustrating, but the amount of user-created levels out there makes up for it. Trials Fusion is still a very fun game, and I still recommend it.

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