Jun 13, 2014

Nick's E3 Diary Part 2

My previous post about E3 was just about HD remakes. Let's talk about other exciting things happening at E3.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: I'm not sure why I'm excited about this one. Really, now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever been Toad in any game. I've always picked any other character. This is very interesting. I have nothing against Toad that I know of. I guess I just never found Toad to be that interesting of a character. Now, here's his chance because Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker looks pretty fun.

Dead Island 2: I've said how much I like Dead Island 1 in the past - it's a lot of fun. The sequel Dead Island: Riptide wasn't as good, but it had it's moments. The trailer to Dead Island 2 is probably one of the best of E3, or maybe it is THE best trailer. Just watch it! How can you not be pumped for Dead Island 2 from that!

Sunset Overdrive: It's like a shooter meets Tony Hawk Pro Skater? Without a skateboard. Hey they should make a skateboarding shooter! I guess Firefight from the Tony Hawk games will be the closest we'll get to that. Still, Sunset Overdrive seems like the fast pace shooter I'm looking for. I think the ability to slide on railings and run against walls will make this shooter very fun.

Batman: Arkham Knight: So far all the Batman Arkham games have been great. I was expecting Arkham Knight would be the same: fun, but not really pushing any boundaries. Then I saw the gameplay trailer. These graphics look amazing! Also the Batmobile looks really fun to drive around. The trailer got me really excited for this game. I was going to get the game before I saw the trailer, but now I'm counting down the days it's coming out.

Final Say: These four games are just the top layer of the beefy burger that is E3. There's so much more to E3, and I'm glad it got me excited. Sometimes E3 can be a little disappointing especially with people hyping everything. This E3 I was very grateful that they lived up to the hype and delivered some awesome looking games!

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